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  1. hi rez textures support and detail texturing!
  2. Discussions about important information, tutorials, threads and textures packages
  3. A general note about remaking textures..
  4. How do I use them?
  5. No sub folders
  6. An idea about ci textures [to rice]
  7. Beta version 6.1.1 beta10
  8. Cell shad???
  9. Two questions..
  10. Problem with some of the wrestling screens
  11. Dump textures from (not N64 emulated) games?
  12. open discussion regarding texture size !
  13. Mega Man Legend Problem
  14. How to make Hi res Texture
  15. how should i save png files from photoshop so the plugin will use them?
  16. Retexture Website?
  17. To Rice - Color Indexed Textures Questions
  18. Rice- MK64 Texture Issue
  19. Question on how to use the ci textures
  20. Just a humble suggestion to all of the nice people making texture packs.
  21. High resolution website
  22. WWF No Mercy?
  23. rice's video questions????
  24. Attaching hi-res textures to the rom files
  25. perfect dark and/or goldeneye
  26. A plugin to change the music?
  27. rice problem with diddy kong racing
  28. An idea to N64 games enhacement: TruForm
  29. Anyone want to retexture this game?
  30. Other idea to N64 games enhancement
  31. I need help setting this up to run on my pc.
  32. Newbie Request
  33. Thread resurrection: Remodel Zelda
  34. TexturePicker
  35. Anyone Working On Conker Bad Fur Day?
  36. Kinda OT...Retexture PS One games?
  37. Rice and Directx... not the best of friends?
  38. Beetle Adventure Racing Retexture?
  39. Majoras Mask Rice Problems
  40. Some textures not loading?
  41. Radeon 9700 Pro and video abnormalties
  42. Help with Rice Video plugin
  43. Difference of the images _rgb,_all and _ci?
  44. OT: can you?
  45. Texture alignment
  46. No Mercy Texture Problem
  47. Another Video Card
  48. Look like graphics modding has died down
  49. Uneditable textures?
  50. where to get the base textures (wwf no mercy)
  51. mario cel
  52. New look for old games in Revolution
  53. help
  54. resizing multiple files
  55. Sting No Mercy
  56. problem using new rice plugin with (no mercy)
  57. Another idea to N64 games enhacement
  58. sound replacements in roms
  59. Zelda beta revived
  60. editting shapes, not just pictures
  61. Need Help to a BIG Project
  62. Rip textures from PC games???
  63. Which version of Federelli's OoT retexture pack is the newest?
  64. How exactly....uh.... does Rice's plugin work?
  65. How do i make the game characters Cell shaded with/with out the outline?
  66. Conker help
  67. Unable to read ini file from disk?
  68. a project i would love to see...
  69. THPS retexture
  70. Just wondering
  71. Noobie that needs help
  72. Messed up Pics
  73. Spiderman problem :/
  74. Jet Force Gemini Video Plugin Glitch
  75. Zelda start menu Glitch
  76. Help with WWF No Mercy
  77. The Help Thread (Djipi's and also Federelli's packs)
  78. Hi there guys!
  79. the config thread
  80. New project idea
  81. My wish list.
  82. How do I retexture a N64 rom
  83. Question about Texture Dump
  84. Batch Processing PNGs in Photoshop... help!
  85. Do HQ4X Textures Have Different Names?
  86. Help with WcW Backstage Assault(Black Screen Problem)
  87. An idea...
  88. Coding Help, a tool to quickly replace images
  89. Pour les francais
  90. New Areans & 3d Crowed?
  91. Calling all modders!!
  92. Parallax Mapping
  93. Legend of Zelda Equipment Screen Framebuffer Problem
  94. Cel Shade Zelda?
  95. textur dump problem
  96. The Help Thread Part 2 :
  97. Request: Original OOT texture pack Link
  98. Original Texture Problem
  99. Ocarina of Time to Majora's Mask
  100. cutting big textures
  101. Texture Pack Downloads
  102. Need help how to make good High-res textures.
  103. quick question on texturing
  104. Using High Res Texture packs with Surreal 64
  105. How To Convert Images From 24 To 32-Bits?
  106. Can someone make a Step by Step?
  107. Help regarding pallettes and images
  108. SOME great ideas!!!
  109. Can anyone help me out?
  110. Quick question
  111. Help Needed with Djipi's package...
  112. Question
  113. do I have a crappy video card?
  114. Patching roms with high resolution textures
  115. Another step by step...
  116. Graphics problems? READ THIS!
  117. Mario Kart 64
  118. Goldeney Retexture?
  119. how do u retexture things?
  120. Heellp!!
  121. strange question really...
  122. DonkeyKong 64 Texures!!
  123. mario party
  124. Some quick questions
  125. Who wants to rip Wave Race for me?
  126. I cant see some textures in legend of zelda ocarina of time
  127. Wanna improve ur frame rate with Project 64
  128. Unable to load Djipi's Cel texture Pack for OoT
  129. Gex 3:Deep Cover Gecko/Crash Bandicoot64
  130. resident evil 2 rebirth
  131. Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (E) [h1C] Texture Packs Support
  132. A few curious questions regarding the Hi-res projects.
  133. Any plans to implement openGL 2.0 in any of the current plugins?
  134. WWF No Mercy problem
  135. reteXturing in other emu's
  136. the best hi-res texture project
  137. Weirdness in hi-res texture loading
  138. Menu Problems in Djipi's Cel-Da
  139. Dumping models?
  140. Others WIP screenies
  141. Texture Plugins??
  142. Truform plugins?????
  143. Can anyone help me import the kart from mario kart 64
  144. Link's Hyrule Shield is tinted red
  145. Problems trying to see my re-done textures in game.
  146. Hi-Res textures, the future of Revolution's N64 emu?
  147. Can't dump textures
  148. Xbox anyone?
  149. Texture replacement
  150. texture help im getting weird images
  151. Textures
  152. How to dump arwing?
  153. Majora's Mask - Certain textures aren't being dumped?
  154. Help The Noobs
  155. Sticky all finished projects
  156. Website Proposal - HiRes Central: Recruiting Staff
  157. Inputting High-res textures into the rom
  158. Can someone dump Kirby textures?
  159. Conker Retexture
  160. Harvest Moon 64 Retexture pack?
  161. Wrong texture names?!
  162. Can Someone Help Me Fix This
  163. Poll:the easyest(sp?) game to retexture
  164. zelda pack, not on this website?
  165. ZELDA OOT - texture issues (SIZE)
  166. I'm interested in learning to make my own Hi-Res textures.
  167. photoshop inpiration
  168. Is anyone working on or thinking of an Evangelion pack?
  169. Can anyone give me all the programs and files neccesary to change textures?
  170. What am I doing wrong?
  171. Two quick questions. Do you have to go through the whole game to get the textures?
  172. Zelda High Rez Installation Help
  173. orkins plugin question
  174. Will this ever happen?
  175. Mm64 Retexture?
  176. Texture dumping
  177. How can you convert Donkey Kong from Mario Kart to Diddy Kong Racing
  178. Resolution Problem!
  179. Zelda
  180. Update Rice Wikipedia entry
  181. Super Mario 64 Textures
  182. FINISHED HiRez-Packs
  183. I dont know if this is the right place...
  184. Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.1 Beta 10
  185. Playstation Retexture
  186. Next Gen High Res Texture Ideas
  187. Finding Textures for Designated Maps
  188. A question about killing people and texture dumping.
  189. 110% n00b Needs Help on Retexturing
  190. Do you want your texture pack hosted on our new Hi-Res site?
  191. Argh, I really suck at this!
  192. 16 bit to 24 bit
  193. Does it make sense to still make texture packs for Rice?
  194. How do you dump and get the textures?
  195. Advance options are not allowed to be changed
  196. Hi... I'm an incredible noob... with a question...
  197. Texture Tiling Pattern Problems
  198. question with PhotoshopCS2...
  199. Paper Mario sprite sheet?
  200. Multiple Texture Dumping Issues in Star Fox
  201. random pic
  202. Link's hair texture
  203. Need Help
  204. Good free program for retexturing?
  205. Download Cell Shade Zelda Oot Here
  206. color bars.....?
  207. OOT Texture problems
  208. making textures for yoshi story.....
  209. I need help with link texturing...
  210. Problem with texture loading
  211. Small problem
  212. WWF No Mercy problem!
  213. Transparency Problem
  214. starfox 64 retexture.
  215. How do you extract textures?
  216. Advance 3-D Texturing Programs
  217. WWf No mercy created characters pack anyone?
  218. Patching Texture
  219. Confused : P
  220. Textures Load Over and Over
  221. hELP!!!!
  222. Help please.
  223. Texture Ripper
  224. Hi rez Textures on Mac?
  225. Using textures for other projects (Copyright?)
  226. N64 ROM Imitation Attempts
  227. Faster texture loading in Zelda + Hi-Res?
  228. zelda cel-shaded mod problem
  229. bakuretsu muteki bangaioh HQ/translation?
  230. GoldenEye 007?
  231. OoT Problem
  232. Super Mario 64: Luigi's Pepsi Castle. Texture Pack
  233. NES Retexturing?
  234. Zelda OOT (Kman Hi Res) fire problem!
  235. Diddy Kong Racing Project
  236. How do you guys do it?
  237. A little help on retexturing
  238. Audio Replacement Projects ?
  239. What retexture...
  240. Why
  241. Help please.
  242. Is there a Retexture Tutorial
  243. ******* Retexturing
  244. Problem with Djipi's Celda Pack in 1964
  245. Created Tutorials and Wondering If It's Necessary.
  246. Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
  247. texture dump tools
  248. Texture questions
  249. Question on Dumping textures
  250. Super Mario 64 Help