What you should do:

Report them and do not post in the thread.

What the Spambot is trying to do:

They want you to post in the thread to increase Google Page Rank or get referrals to their spam/porn sites. Just ignore them and leave the thread deletion to the mods.

Spambot techniques:

Some spambots appear not to be so, until you look at their sig (link to a spam site) or more recently, pictures that appear offtopic but contain hidden information in the URL.

See: http://www.process.com/techsupport/spamtricks.html for further information on Spam tricks used by spambots to help identify them.

What we are doing about it:

We are doing our best to remove them. Bare in mind that we cannot be on the board 24/7, so some threads may stay for a while before a mod deletes them.

Some forums have fewer moderators, so the spam messages can stay there for longer. There is nothing we can really do about that now.

I have made the sticky here since most bots seem to look for the first instance of a subforum with the word 'General' and think it is equivalent to a General off topic discussion, and post there instead.