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Zapper doesn't work


The Great Gunblade Wielder
loaded up duck hunt, the Zapper registers that a shot has been fired, but none of the ducks are hit., cursor is showing, but the shot just fires as if you missed


The Great Gunblade Wielder
well this is very strange then.

i'll post a screenshot.

o_O it was cause of the Palette, i was using the Old FCEU palette coz LoZ displays properly with it,

with the default palette theres to much red and the ground is pink, instead of more a white.

btw, good work on Jnes, its the only emulator that can even read damaged .nes files. :p with FCEU and Nestopia it would tell me that my Super mario rom was bad and would play only one single level 0:1 (which doesn't even exist)

but jnes played it properly always.

says alot for the developer :)