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Whats the Best N64 Emulator?


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Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>Whilst we wait for the transition of the front page to match in with the forums and to spark some conversation, i have a question for the elite who visit here, this as you can see by the forums a site that focuses on Nintendo 64, so with that in mind whats the Best Nintendo 64 Emulator for your Favourite N64 Game.

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At the moment of writing it's 1964 UltraFast V3 :
It has all the features of 1964 1.1, some little fixes and the possibility to over clock the N64 to archive a better frame rate (should be ported to every newer console! PSX overclocked would bring a lot joy aswell... still waiting for ePSXe 1.8, but don't think, that it will include such a feature...).
So it's possible to use high resolution textures (with Rice and its derivates and Glide) + smoother 60FPS in most games.
But I think, it's a thing of taste: if you used PJ64 most of the time, it's PJ64 1.6 because you are used to it, same applies to Mupen. So I don't think, we'll encounter a satisfying result at the end.


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I haven't used an N64 emulator other than 1964 in a while. I've never heard of the UltraFast variant; I'm gonna go check it out.