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Unofficial 1964 INI update thread


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New ROM_Properties.ini

Hello everyone. I have updated Duncan's January 09, 2004 updated INI with most of the changes in the official 1964 INI update thread into a new INI.

I also plan on testing the ROMs I have for plugin compatibility. I'd like some help from other users to test as well. When Duncan did his first round of testing, he assumed Jabo's D3D6 1.5 plugin would be best, and recommended Rice's only if it was better. I would like to make it so that comments are included next to Playable! if either Jabo's or Rice's plugin is better than the other, because Rice's plugin now rivals Jabo's. In other words, if it says Playable! next to a game, the game should be playable approximately the same with either Jabo's or Rice's plugin.

So, if you want to test for plugin compatibility, please make sure you are using DirectX on Rice's (and of course with Jabo's), make sure you are using the latest version of Rice's plugin and using Jabo's Direct3D6 1.5.1 plugin. Also please use default settings for both plugins, and no texture filters. I am not interested in performance, but rather accuracy of the emulation. For example, Rice's plugin does not display selection menus for either Harvest Moon 64 or Dual Heroes. But Jabo's does. Conversely, Jabo's plugin has transparency problems on Beetle Adventure Racing! while Rice's displays them correctly.

Also, please continue posting general INI improvements with settings and naming, especially if it makes the game *playable* as opposed to not. Again, performance is not really an issue, so do not post CF changes if they ONLY improve performance.
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it's been quite some time since i posted on any forum relating to emulation, but i just happened to come across this one. i think the idea is good. although emulation isn't something that really interests me at this point in my life, months ago i created a list which should still be in my sig. i don't know how out of date it is, but it has a lot of settings that may interest you. it won me a site on emuxhaven, which i thought was pretty cool. maybe you can use it to your benefit, good luck with everything.



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wow it didn't take long for someone to greet me, i feel almost honored :) well, i may get back into it sometime, just not now. i was excited when there were so many advancements in the scene, and i had to stay on my toes to keep my list up to date. but after awhile, only a few great plugins like glide64 were still being worked on, and Rice decided to shut down his plugin. I was sad, very sad. But this isn't my topic, it's bitcopy's, so everyone support this man!


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Thank you for this update bitcopy!! We should make this a sticky topic and try to keep all the new updates in this forum since the other forum is kind of outdated and Rice has released new plugins since the release of 1964 .99


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Here some changes :

007 - The World is Not Enough (E) [!] --> Link Code Blocks : Yes
Snobow Kids (J) [!].zip --> rename in Snobow Kids (J) [!] - Playable!
Parlor PRO 64 --> rename in Parlor! Pro 64 - Pachinko Jikki Simulation Game (J) [!] - Playable (use Rice 5.5.1)
Eikou no Saint Andrews (J) [!].zip --> rename in Eikou no Saint Andrews (J) [!] - Playable (use Rice 5.5.1)
BassFishingNo.1 --> rename in Bass Tsuri No. 1 - Shigesato Itoi's Bass Fishing (J) [!] - Playable
64 TRUMP COLLECTION --> rename in 64 Trump Collection - Alice no Wakuwaku Trump World (J) [!] - Playable
Doraemon 2 - Hikari no Shinden (J) [!] --> Playable (Use Rice 6.1.0c)
Kuiki Uhabi Suigo --> rename in Kuiki Uhabi Suigou (J) [!]
Les Razmoket - La Chasse Aux Tresors (F) [!] --> rename in Les Razmoket - La Chasse Aux Trésors (F) [!]
WCW NWO Revenge --> rename in WCW-nWo Revenge (U) [!]
Zelda no Densetsu 2 - Mujura no Kamen --> rename in Zelda no Densetsu - Mujura no Kamen (J) [!]


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Please try to check all regions of a game.
For exaple:
Banjo-Tooie (A) [!] ->Playable!
Banjo-Tooie (E) [!] ->Playable!
Banjo-Tooie (U) [!] ->Playable!
Banjo to Kazooie no Dai Bouken 2 (J) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP)
Chameleon Twist (E) [!] ->Playable! (use RumblePak)
Chameleon Twist (J) [!] ->Playable!
Chameleon Twist (U) [!] ->Playable! (use RumblePak)
Chameleon Twist 2 (E) [!] ->Playable! (Use Jabo's 1.5.1)
Chameleon Twist 2 (J) [!] ->Playable! (Use Jabo's 1.5.1)
Chameleon Twist 2 (U) [!] ->Playable!
Killer Instinct Gold (E) [!] ->Playable! (Use Jabo's 1.4) (Menu Errors)
Killer Instinct Gold (U) (V1.0) [!] ->Almost Playable! (Control Problems, Menu Errors)
Killer Instinct Gold (U) (V1.1) [!] ->Playable! (Use Jabo's 1.4) (Menu Errors)
Killer Instinct Gold (U) (V1.2) [!] ->Playable! (Use Jabo's 1.4) (Menu Errors)
007 - The World is Not Enough (E) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP) (Bad Audio)
007 - The World is Not Enough (U) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP) (Bad Audio)
AeroFighters Assault (E) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP)
AeroFighters Assault (U) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP)
Sonic Wings Assault (J) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP)
Disney's Tarzan (E) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP) (Bad Audio)
Disney's Tarzan (G) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP) (Bad Audio)
Disney's Tarzan (F) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP) (Bad Audio)
Disney's Tarzan (U) [!] ->Playable! (Use RSP) (Bad Audio)

When I say playable I use RICE's latest plugin
When I say use RSP I use Jabo's 1.4 hack (with RE2 support)


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Hey, thanks guys. I'll get these into a new INI this weekend. My little plugin-compatibility project is time-consuming, so that particular aspect won't be ready for a while. You can expect a new INI either this weekend or, more likely, Monday.


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I hate to be a pain in the butt, but... what about that new version of the INI? :)

(Or was it posted in a separate thread? If so, I apologize)


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Bitcopy need any betatesters for any of the changes you add. I can help out.

P.S Bighead lots of stuff been happening. Orkin adding lots of new highend features that were not possible before. Rice added Hi-Rez texture support which is getting lots of support from its users. PJ64 1.6 got released awhile ago. Orkin is working on a truform support which is being talked about a lots. So much stuff is happening and its getting bigger. N64 emulation will soon be at its peak (I can dream can't I :)).