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Trying to play Elemental Gearbolt with a lightgun (done it before) but it crashes


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I am trying to get a bunch of lightgun games to play and put them in Launchbox and I've been pretty successful. However, I cannot get Elemental Gearbolt to play on PCSX-Reloaded or EPSXE 1.60 which are the two main PS1 emulators that support lightguns. I have tried different dumps but they all black screen on both emulators after the opening logo. On a previous computer several years ago I was playing it with a lightgun I don't actually remember which emulator but it worked on one of the two.

I tried PSXFin also and the game works however I do not know how to activate lightgun support for that emulator but I have heard it has it. So if someone could help me either get it to work on one of the other two emulators or allow lightgun support on PSXFin (aka PSX) I would really appreciate it!

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Nevermind I should have looked better in the options in PSXFin I got it working, very nicely.