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Hi everyone. I would like to know what I should be focusing while working on TR64. :cool: Compatibility? :devil: Speed? :lookaroun Graphics? :inlove: A specific Game. Let me know what is importent to you.



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It should run mario tennis I really like to play it,and it must be high compatibly that's imp. for me I wish you luck with:tr64:


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I haven´t uses tr64 in a while but it´s pretty compatible, however it´s not stable, atleast not on my comp. Stability, good and compatible gfx, doesn´t mather if it´s slow since computers are getting faster and faster, and a compatible core. I would rather have a slow, really compatible core then a really fast one, i.e corn that hardly runs any games, because in a year or so what was considered slow will have changed.

And re game requests any more games working are a plus but if I should get picky I would have to say Rogue Squadron, afaik there is no emu that runs this game. Never games tend to be harder to emulate because of the developers are using new ideas to workaround the existing problems, I don´t know they exact reason for why this game is not emualted but I´m guessing it has something to do with MusyX.

And with the risk of sounding like an idiot, autohandling of Ucodes in your gfx plugin, instead of manual selection. Since I don´t have tr64 installed at time of writing, I haven´t checked if this feat. already exist or if it doesn´t. If it does, forget about it but if it doesn´t please include it, I can´t speak on others behalf but it seems like if I very seldom select the right Ucode.
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yup compatibility!
You should work on the core and use others plugins until you are sastified of your core.
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1) stability <-- really needed
2) compatibility with opengl plugin maybe, as i think its important to hav another gfx plugin - plus the last plugin release was real fast. ppl need the choice
3) oh yea get the plugin to be more stable with other zilmar spec emus.

when jabo has finished with the gfx plugins for pj64, theres not much left to choose from. so we need another developed gfx plugin to be there as another choice, with its own benefits/advantages. the last opengl plugin was very unnoticed, which was a shame as it had great potential, Zelda OoT was very very fast.


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Fixed new TR64ogl is working now with other emus, do you like to release it so we can try it in TR64, also in other emulators, so all of us can have another choice other than Jabo's plugin. Jabo's is very good, but I believe new tr64ogl is better at some games.

Zelda is slow in Jabo's plugin (don't if this is a plugin issue or a core speed issue.), I really like to try new tr64ogl for speed.

Ucode auto detection is very important, it is very annoy to try ucode for each game and plugin crashes at most of time.


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I guess someone has or can make a good game<->ucode matching list, please provide help to icepir8.