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TR64 WIP 5.666 released


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Just wondering...? Why did you add support for Jabo's plug-in? Its a great plugin but don't you want your emulator to stand out instead of having it look like most other emulators out there? I appreciate the hard work and the emulator is free, so this is in no way a bad comment just a question.


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hi ice a think i found a insignificant bug ....

When you first run TR64 and you select a rom directory the roms will load up but the internal
names are all screwed and all the rom names were symbols ..When you close and restart the emulator it is permanently fixed as i said minor problem

great release guys
keep up da good work
oh yeh another minor thing although u say dis version is 5.666 in the emulator's ABOUT MENU
it says it is WIP 5.66
Dillyalex :tr64:
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seems good. all games worked fine with jabos 1.3 . just wondering if theres any unique games that run on tr64 (of course majoras mask aint that unique for an n64 emu anymore - u guys did get there first though!!)


yeah, u guys were the first (more or less parallel to the nemu team) to emulate zelda MM to an actually "finishable" level ;) .... that's why TR64 gets the "ZELDA MM EMULATOR AWARD!" ....

keep it up


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Well as far as i see TR64 5.666 is the only emu that plays (with new tr64 opengl) Bomberman64 without any (major) flaws. All Menus displayed correctly (no waiting for a half emulated titlescreen..) full intro working etc.. congrazs for that!.

Ive always been waiting for that.

Ice, congrats to you!

keep up the good work!



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yeh i noticed that. anything else that the opengl plays well, other than zelda too. i cant be arsed to test all my games again.