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This emu is very slow I cann`t play any in that speed


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What's with all of the bitching and moaning about this emulator. It's been out for what, one week? Shut up and give the devs some time to work on improving the emulator.
The last thing I want is for another Chankast situation where progress just stops completely, so how about some positive, or even constructive feedback instead of mindless complaints?


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As all emulators in first phase demul is not opitimazed ;p and thay do code parts that is useless that cause nonsence cpu usage ;p this is why fps are low now and its slower then Chankast that was develop for longer time then demul now ;> and same situation was with pcsx2 ;p at first we had only 3fps and now we have 30fps (10x speed up, without MTGS on). So only solution is let devs to work and wait for new releses ^^.


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....err are we talking about the same emulator here because in chankast i get like 20-30 fps in capcom vs snk but get 40-50 here. U just have to err play around with the plugins and timing options and im sure if i had a better pc like you guys i would be playing this game at 70-80 fps lol i have a

AMD Athlon XP 2000
1.2gb Ddr ram
fx 5200 video card

hmmm i take that back lol im gettin like 20 fps in marvel vs capcom 2 which i use toget a really good frame rate in lol
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