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Status Report from or9


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Hey, for all who thought or9 or Dolwin is dead, it isn't it's just slowed down, because Andrei has some hard time working for the army atm.
I've talking to him yesterday and he said, that he had some hard time there and worked on Dolwin from time to time...
So just to keep you excited...


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Big thanks for the update. I heard he had some medical issues a while back, glad that isn't the problem anymore. Hopefully we'll hear more soon.


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Yes exactly, I'm in army now. There is not much fun, since its boring. I will be there for 1.5 years more (the russian officers are recruited for 2 years, and I was called in summer 2005). I visit home from time to time, but when I'm home, time is enough to rest only.

Dolwin is in development all the time, this is basically paper work - I'm thinking about new features, or make documentation and so on. I dont program much, because it is difficult to begin programming again, after idle time. Source code grow slowly.

Currently I'm working on my own PowerPC disassembler and soft floating-point emulator of IEEE-754 to emulate FPU exceptions. Also I made some general changes in emulator core. And also I'm doing some reverse engineering on my new cube :)

Well, best regards everyone. Cya!


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nice to get words from you or9, nice to see you're still going nicely even if you're in the army :)

can't wait to see you come back!


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ahhh great to see you pop in here org. good luck with everything :)

but how is hotquik doing btw?

good question, ill have to bug him on msn to see what he's up to when i see him


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zaba_3 said:
but how is hotquik doing btw?
The last I heard (Outdated now by a few months.) he was very busy with his life. I haven't spoken to him in ages 'though.

Nice to see you're doing alright, or9. Best of luck!


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Army, ouch >.<. Well always good to hear a status report. Means people are alright XD