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RetroArch 1.9.11 released!


RetroArch is most popularly known for being a program with which you can play many emulators and games, which have all been customized and tailor-ported to the libretro API.


- ANDROID: New launcher logo - will fill the corners on the homescreen
- D3D9: Driver works again (RGUI only and software rendered cores work, no shader support yet)
- HID/MAC: WiiU GameCube Adapter now works
- HID/WIIU: WiiU and general HID subsystem unified/merged
- INPUT: Refactor menu toggle combo button logic to allow quit combo button
- INPUT/UDEV: Add mouse relative check and set appropriately to fix issue
- LIBNX/SWITCH: Splitted Joycon button mapping
- LIBRETRO: Add environment callback to enable cores to notify the frontend that a core otion value has changed
- MIYOO: Add initial port
- OPENDINGUX/RG350: Enable tinyalsa for the RG350
- PS2: Add 'Change Resolution' option
- PS2: Add option to change video windows offsets
- STEAM/LINUX: Move to new 'soldier' runtime
- WAYLAND: Remove xdg-shell-v6 protocol
- WINDOWS: Fix non-ASCII text display in window title
- UWP: Further improvements to WinRT VFS layer

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