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Reicast - Wacky Races Fix?


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Hi everyone I have a question regarding the reicast app for android.
Firstly compatibility is rather good with the games I like to play on it with some minor glitches in some games (such as soulcalibur).
However this question is aimed at one of my favourite games ever - Wacky Races.
I know for PC emulation of this game demul emulator works for it, however with other emulators for PC and specifically now reicast wacky races has major issues with the screen only showing partly on the bottom corner.
I was wondering if any version of reicast has compatibility with this game at all that speficially fixes the graphical glitches? Is ir possible to have a modded reicast that can fix the error in the wacky races game? Possibly by using similar settings to the demul application for windows which cab play it?

Sorry for the long message but i hope my point is clear and understand, and hopefully other fans of the game will agree with me :)
How amazing it would be to play wacky races on a handheld device!! :D *dreaming*
Anyway thanks in advance everyone!