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I've been working on a new Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator (for Unix/Linux only) named RealBoy. Recently I released version 0.1.2; essentially a bug-fix release. Despite the current low numbering in the version, I think RealBoy is actually quite stable (although more testing is highly desired).
More information at: realboyemulator.wordpress.com/ (it seems I cannot embed a link).

Some features are summarized in the projects' README:

RealBoy is a free, fast, yet accurate, Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator, with technical as well as educational goals. Technically, it aims for the following:

1) Accuracy. Perhaps the most important technical goal, as seen in the best closed-sourced emulators, such as KiGB and BGB, and some free emulators, such as Gambatte and MESS.
2) Performance. Show that it is possible to implement a very fast emulator without sacrificing accuracy.
3) Feature-rich. Implement advanced features such as a flexible internal debugger.

Besides the technical goals, RealBoy pretends to serve as an education tools; it includes a set of documentation files describing the design and implementation issues found while developing the emulator. This can be found on RealBoy's official website (realboyemulator.wordpress.com).

We hope the documentation can be useful to individuals that would like to learn about how emulators work in general, and the type of problems you face when implementing a fully-functional emulator project.


RealBoy is a work in progress; current features include:

- Accuracy: Pass various test ROMS designed to evaluate the accuracy of a Game Boy emulator, including: CPU Instructions, Instructions' Timings and Memory Access Timings.
- Performance: For 64-bit versions of the x86 architecture (a.k.a x86_64, a.k.a amd64), an Assembly Language version of the emulator's core is provided, significantly faster than the C version.
- Support for MBC1, MBC3 and MBC5.
- Support for RTC (Real Time Clock) in MBC3.
- Support for executing the original boot ROMS (files not included for legal reasons).
- Internal Debugger: Basic functionality such as adding breakpoints, printing registers, etc.
- FPS: User control over framerate (default is 60fps).
- Sound: Implemented channels 1, 2 and 4.
- Video: Scaling to 2x, 3x and 4x, with or without fullscreen.
- Video: Antialiasing.
- RealBoy Internals: Design and implementation documentation.

It would be nice if some of you coud give it a try and tell me what you think.
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You should probably mention that it's only for Linux.


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Yeah, sure, although I don't consider it a priority right now.
First I'd like to implement sound channel 3 and work on passing the rest of the accuracy tests (related to video and sound). It would be nice also to develop a simple GUI, and then perhaps implement some nice filters. I do plan to extend support for Game Boy Advance at some point.