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Rakuga Kids & Ridge Racer 64 using TR64 OGL


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Rakuga Kids In Action using TR64 OGL

Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>icepir8 is making great progress with his TR64 OGL (video plugin) and Gent has posted a couple of videos of the latest build of TR64 OGL running Rakuga Kids and Ridge Racer 64.

<img src=http://tr64dev.emulation64.com/data/thumbs/news/thumbnail.rakugakids_0002.jpg border=0>
<img src=http://tr64dev.emulation64.com/data/thumbs/news/thumbnail.ridge_racer_64_0001.jpg border=0>

<a href=http://tr64dev.emulation64.com/index.php?id=video#Rakuga_Kids_%28TR64_OGL_0.9.3%29_In_Action>Check out the videos here</a> and don't forget to stop by the <a href=http://tr64dev.emulation64.com/forum/>TR64 Dev Board</a> for more information.