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Prove it Hacktarus!


VDX ini Creator
If u've managed to do in 1 week what icepir8 hasnt managed in ages of programing his plugin (ie, Ramping up the speed) then release either the source or compiled plugin!!!

There are far too many lamers out there that claim to have done work they haven't.

I'm not calling u a liar, just asking u to prove your rather extraordanary claim!!!

Now enough with the slagging, down to the grovelling!
Can I be a beta tester! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
:happy: ;) :happy:


VDX ini Creator
Very very cool

This is great!

Your plugin is easily the best
*ahem* Apart from the speed*ahem*

Look forward to new release and sorry to afor mentioned Coder for any offence!


Emulator Developer
Don't thing we need beta tester for this. Beta tests are only needed when there's something to test and i have not change many things. Believe it or not but the code i sent to icepir8 is easier to make than the original one. And maybe i will try to optimize it a bit more but dunno if will have time.

Anyway, it's certainly not me that will decide if we need beta testers or not, it's the icepir8's plugin, i've just contributed on this project but i don't have to distribute modified versions everywhere.


roll for life
i would hardly call hacktarux a lamer in the first place...doesnt 'Mupen64 author' suggest anything to you...

bah uve apologised now (lucky he didnt set his tabby on u), but its not very nice to jump to conclusions like that (unless the suspects name is Zero).


VDX ini Creator
Sorry again.....

Yeah I know. I've been doin' that alot lately!
And its strange cos it aint like me, Guv. Honest.

When i made the post i didn't know that you were the coderr of mupen(Nice emu by the way, coming along nicely!), Once again i can only say sorry!