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Project64k 0.41 released


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Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>Project64k 0.41 has been released. It is based on Project64 1.6 source code but with added netplay support through Kaillera.

I updated the RDB and RDX files for the SM64 Multiplayer rom hack. Both CRC number versions of the rom are fixed as well.


Download Project64k here:

Project64k 0.41


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Thanks awesome. One thing I noticed with this released specifically to SM64 Multiplayer rom hack is that it says "BAD ROM? Use GoodN64 & Check for updated ini" in the romlist , earlier version did not have this. So when you try to create a p2p game it doesn't show up in the list

Another thing i noticed was

Z button cannot be assigned to the trigger buttons on a xbox controller in this new version, works on older.

Digital buttons cannot be assigned to the right joy paid , works on older
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It says "Project64k version 0.41 core 1.4" on the window name. Are you sure it is based on the Project64 1.6 code?
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