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Project Silverpine | WoW 1.12.1 emulation | Open source


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Project Silverpine is an open source attempt to recreate Classic World of Warcraft exactly the way it was in 1.12.1 using the mangos-zero core as a base. Once we're finished, every Classic WoW server will be bug-free.
Private servers make fixes but don't share them. We want to fix bugs on all servers. All private servers could have been almost completely bug-free if every server was open source and worked together.

We are in need of more testers to help us find bugs. Testing is done by playing the game and reporting that you test to our Testing Center.
We are also searching for more developers to help us work on the core/database. The core is mostly written in C++. We have set up a forum, a testing center, a wow server and a dev wiki to make the process easier.

Our testing center is using a design similar to that of wowhead, featuring an entry for each quest, NPC, item, object and spell. It's not just for bugs. Testing is done either by playing the game and reporting the status of everything you test (comparing it to a reliable pre-TBC source whenever necessary), or by going through the testing center and comparing the info made available there to pre-TBC information.
Testing is currently not restricted to a specific area or level bracket since the testing center gives us an easy way to keep track of what still needs to be tested.

If you have access to information about WoW that might be useful to the project (old screenshots, videos, guides and so on), we would appreciate it.

We also invite any private servers who are thinking about contributing to contact us.

Visit our website to learn more. Google "Project Silverpine".


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like i said elsewhere

Activision-Blizzard killed the bnet emulator..... this will likely follow
There are probably over a hundred different WoW emulators around that are being used to run private servers. Emulating world of warcraft isn't something new. It has been going on for years and as far as I'm aware Blizzard has only shut down one server. That was most likely due to them running the same patch as retail. The server admins were also earning millions of dollars from donations etc from the players.