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Other texture replacement projects.


Texture Pack Invader
Other texture replacement projects are welcome to find a home within this forum.
As we do not currently have designated forums for Game Boy, Nes, Snes, PSx, they may be placed within the confines of This forum.
As you create your project page please do so by describing what system your pack is for use with.

<GB> BigHeads: Super Mario Land Color.
<NES> Lakitu's: Marble Madness neon invasion.

This will allow the staff to move the threads around with ease at a later point in time, once the correct forums become available.

Please specify what emulator you are using and the correct settings for the game in question.
You may also post a link to the emulator in use so long as it adheres to the site rules.

The most popular projects will be hosted on the Textures.Emulation64.com site.

Please do discuss any concerns that you may have regarding this topic within this thread.