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Official Project64 2.0 source code and bug tracker on Github


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Official Github repository:

Official Bug tracker:

These links are not really new but have recently been posted on http://forum.pj64-emu.com/showthread.php?t=4806

The project will need an active community and talented developers, so please make these links known in other emulation related forums because the project should get the attention it deserves. If you care about N64 emulation and want the current bugs to get fixed, please consider to contribute.

Fanatic 64

It's Project64 2.1, going on 2.2.

It's also worth noting this repository includes revisions all the way back to the earliest 1.7 betas. I'm even tempted to build and post some of them for historical/regression testing purposes.

I'm also tempted to post this right on Dolphin forums, if only to see their reactions (particularly [SS] Starscream's).
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Starscream doesn't hang out at the Dolphin forums anymore. I have only two reactions. 1) 'Bout time. 2) Make it run on Linux (sans WINE) ;)


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Wasn't being serious, if you couldn't tell :p That was pretty much the whole point of my bringing it up, to highlight how implausible that would be. I'm plenty happy with Mupen64Plus at any rate.