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NDS: Lego Star Wars 2


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Lego Star Wars 2 - The Original Trilogy


Lego Star Wars remounts the Star Wars movies entirely with very funny Lego parts, last year´s Lego Star Wars appeared on Home consoles, GBA and PC platforms with solid graphics and larger than life characterizations, now, the plastic dudes are back for one more round with the first three movies and a rather troublesome DS version.

Presentation/graphics 7

The presentation is very good, there´s a hub zone located on the Tatooine cantina where you can see the little guys doing a lot of funny things, all graphics look polished and both friends and foes are very well drawn on their Lego doll counterparts, the game is full 3D with little to be ashamed of it´s big brothers, aside from the bugs.

Yes, this version shows a lot of unnecessary bugs, mostly graphical, and it is quite hard to overlook them, I mean, you have it all, dissapearing characters, missing scenarios, "ghost walls", garbled graphics, you name it, if it is a graphic bug, it is there.

Music/sound effects 7

All the cool Star Wars songs are here but not with their origina renditions but "video game-ized" versions, not the worst thing in the world but it could have been much cooler, the sound effects are the original ones, so a lightsaber looks and sounds like a lightsaber.

Gameplay 7

it is quite the same of last year´s, you go around beating the empire trooper by trooper using the good guys of the Star Wars universe packed in groups with each having unique features that prove themselves useful on different areas of various stages located around the three movies, you solve some simple puzzles using the force of Jedi characters to make way for a blaster wielding person to use a towing cable to lift themselves up to a control that makes a platform for your Jedi double jump on it, i guess you already got the idea.

Oh! there are ship controlling segments too and they are not the best thing in the world, the ships control is jerky, not very intuitive and the stages are very uninspired with a feeling that you don´t really know what to do, that feeling by the way permeates the "on foot" segments as well.

DS factor 3

Aside from the 3D engine, the touchscreen is used to switch characters, that you can easily do with the X button, that when the screen actually shows their little portraits because another bug maks them disappear.

Learning curve 8

Very easy to pick up and play, even for the kids, it can be played instantly and mastered in 1 hour.

Lasting appeal/game modes 8

There´s the free play where you can use the guys you unlocked through story mode, there´s create a player, where you mix and match Lego parts to create unique dudes for your playing all that aside a whole lot of collectibles.

Final considerations

A nice game however rushed and overrun with bugs, it is said that when this first batch of carts is sold out they will release another version with some bugs patched out, i say rent it because the story mode is very small and easy to finish.

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I like the reviews, but in a final consideration where maybe a game simply doesn't have lasting appeal I would see how renting it makes sense. However a game as you note "overrun with bugs" would seem to me to be a a game to simply steer clear from and not worthy of my time. I mean the folks whom made it and Q&A'd it didn't respect it enough to sort out the bugs I'm surely not going to waste my valuable time with junk either.

Just my .02 cents and make sure I get my change back. ;)
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BTW, keep it up, especially if they are going to be mainly NDS game reviews, I never know what is really good to bother buying for it.