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NDS: Dragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime


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Dragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime

DQH-RS is an original game set on the Dragon Quest universe, starring a very crazy slime that goes by the name of Rocket, in this game you will collect more than any Pokemon or Mario Game and you will indulge yourself in the craziest battles ever devised on a gaming system, even your enemies serve as ammo, but without further delay, to the review.

Presentation/graphics 9

Very good presentation, the game is played from an upper perspective and all
characters and scenarios are very detailed and colorful,all stages have their names in some
sort of signs that remind the stages themselves and the tanks got some "Metal Slug" feel to them.

All one hundred citizens you have to rescue and the enemies you collect have different
personalities and dialogues, making the town of Boingburg feel like a living and lively place.

Despite being 2D, all the sprites are very well animated and very funny with their over
the top expressions and wacky lines.

Music/sound effects 7

Although the sound is light hearted and crazy enough, both music and effects are repetitive.

Gameplay 10

Well, this one is all about collection, you see, your town was destroyed and all inhabitants but yourself were taken away by an enemy army named "The Plob", it is your task to liberate all one hundred citizens from the Plob´s clutches while defeating their way off scale war tanks.

For this you will count on a single attack, the "Elasto Blast" by holding down the A button you can stretch Rocket and slingshot him to the demise of his enemies and to liberate his friends from their boxes.

When you free a friend, you may have to take him back to town, by carrying him on your back and delivering him directly or by using a series of railroad carts in the "Trans-Slimenian" that leads back to safety.

So you have 100 fellows to collect, but also enemies can be sent to town, to live there and to serve as base for Museum statues that unlock some goodies, the same as enemies, objects can be sent to town as well but those serve a darker purpose, to be ammo for your Tank, the Schleiman!

A big number of times you will be sent against a foe that has a big Tank, so you call your own tank, toss some friends to help you out, bounces some crazy ammo (and enemies too) in your cannons and blast the Plob into oblivion.

So, all Slimes, enemies and objects are there to be collected, almost all you can see can be sent back home.

DS factor 3

Well, the top screen has a map, the touch screen and the microphone are not used, so althought it is a very good game, it could be a beefed up GBA game.

Learning curve 7

The gameplay of Rocket is simple if not simplistic but he Tank Battles will take you some time to think your own strategy.

15 minutes to learn, two hours to bounce over it.

Lasting appeal/game modes 7

It is a fun but short ride (it took me 10 hours) after you finish the game,
you may play some sort of Champions league of Tank
battling but aside from WiFi and some minigames, that´s about it.

Final considerations

By all means, buy it. It is one of the funniest games on the DS.

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