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N64: Bomberman Hero


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In this 3D Action/Adventure game you play Bomberman, and your goal is to save the Universe. There are about 50 levels in the game, and most of them are not too hard.


It's neither good, nor bad. It's just a little too simple, and it looks like the game was made 5-6 years ago. But it's fast, though, which is what raises the grade a bit.

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SOUND: 3/6

First of all, the music isn't good. It isn't good at all. It's some Techno/Space music that will get nerve-racking within a few minutes. My advise for you is to turn it off, or else you won't play Bomberman Hero for long. The sound effects are very basic, too. What keeps the grade up is that there's virtually no sound skippings at all.


Neither here, Bomberman hero is a great game. It is good, but it's not great. I think Bomberman Hero is fun for most people, but kids probably like it the most. But if you want a nostalgic trip in a newer form, Bomberman Hero's the game for you. Who can forget the Bomberman series for NES and SNES?


Mediocre, as with anything else in the game. Pretty quickly, you'll get tired of running around and throwing bombs at robots.

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Graphically, the game isn't one of the better ones I've played. Neither is the sound. But it's a game that's very compatible with UltraHLE and it runs smoothly without graphic glitches and sound skippings. Well, almost. If you're looking for a good platform game, Bomberman Hero could be the one, just remember to turn the sound off.

(Originally posted sometime during 1999)