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Mupen64-rerecording issue. On Virtual Machine.


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So, I was gonna make a MHS fun video when I wanted to config Jabo 1.5.2. But I get this one error message that might be able to be solved and making this emulator work like a charm.
Does that mean I have to run the game? Because im running Super Mario 64 (U) (!).z64 on the emulator and all of a sudden this error message pops up as well. But no graphics. The game works. Just a blank screen with sounds.
Usually Jabo's Direct3D plugin would solve this problem, like in this case of Windows 8. Although, has internet, which leads to tons of lag. I use a VM because I can't record the video from Windows Vista. It would work, it's just a blank screen. Could someone please help me solve this? Thanks!

~Sincerely, xXx_JPMC_xXx.