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MetroBoy - A playable, circuit-level simulation of an entire Game Boy

Black Zero

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Just a shout out to everyone, I recently discovered a new Game Boy emulator/simulator* that is circuit-level accurate!

*MetroBoy GitHub

MetroBoy is a playable, circuit-level simulation of an entire Game Boy. MetroBoy isn't an emulator in the traditional sense. It's comparatively slow, though you can use it to play Game Boy games. It should run at full speed on most modern processors, with my current laptop running at about 2.5x realtime in fast mode. MetroBoy is more like a Verilog simulation of a Game Boy that's been translated into C++. You can also think of it as being written in a subset of C++ that's designed to to be mechanically translated into synthesizable Verilog. MetroBoy is very, very accurate. It should run any ROM you throw at it, though there are a few corner cases regarding sprite vs. scroll timing that fail in Wilbert Pol's test suite. Only first-gen Game Boy games that use the MBC1 controller are supported - Game Boy Color roms will not work.

Drag and drop rom files into the window to load them.



MetroBoy 1.02

All Blargg/Mooneye/Wpol tests passing


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Forgot to mention that although you can use the keyboard to control the games, you can also use JoytoKey programs such as AntiMicro to map the hardcoded mapped keyboard controls to a controller.

A nice little tip!