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Lemmy's plugin source code


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I'd like to see a "execution trace". That'd help quite a bit. Could be last 100 PCs, maybe another version that tracks branches/jumps only. Especially for games like Banjo-Tooie when it does crazy stuff to go from A to B over syscalls.

DMA breakpoint (so know when a location gets data DMA'd).

Definitely also edit FP registers.
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I'm looking for the D3D8 source. I see the D3D9 source on googlecode, but I am looking to use this to play Rogue Squadron on the xbox1 and would rather not back port the whole thing. Any help mirroring it would be great. (a copy on googlecode wouldn't be a bad idea either...)

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The source of the D3D8 version wasn't released.

Plus, Lemmy's video plugin runs Star Wars: Rogue Squadron but it's so glitchy it's unplayable.


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Apologies on bumping an old thread, has anyone got a copy of this laying around, I can't seem to make an account on ppx and all the links here are broken