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Jnes on a widescreen


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I just tried using Jnes on my new widscreen laptop and when in fullscreen it stretches so that everything looks squished. I've tried messing with a bunch of resolutions and options, but I can't get it to play fullscreen without stretching the entire screen. You know, keeping some black bars at the left and right to keep things in proportion. Is there a way to do this that I'm missing? Any help would be cool.



Emulator Developer
Nah at the moment there isn't, I recently (last few months) got ahold of a widescreen laptop, and noticed these issues myself

So I rewrote most of the video options to be widescreen compatible, so that version is 0.6.1 which I've been promising to release for a while.

So long story short if you hang in there you'll probably get a new version that fixes those issues (and maybe some other goodies, I haven't had time to really play or think about WS enough)