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It works!It works!


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Frist, thanks for making this emu, this is the first one that works with me =)

But still have some probs, but (thank god) not with fps.

I'm trying to play Psychic Force 2012, it works and all, but the keyboard just doesn't work!

When the "press start" message appear, i press C (the one set as start, or any other), and it doesn't do.Another problem is witth the screen, all of sudden, it seems cut in half (horizontal) in the demo plau, since i didn't play it "for real", i really don't know if this happens playing the game, i'm worried...

My game is "Echelon Version" =)
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So this is a plugin problem?If so, all users have this prob?

Talking about plugins, what about some full screen option in the openGL plugin?The bug of the cut screen only happens with the DX plugin.


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Yeah my KB doesn`t work in the 5 of 8 games i have for the DC.I Really hope they fix this in the next realese.Also A little work on the GPU plugins would be nice.So they can take advantage of the more modern graphics card`s out there.