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I need to get an idea of what i need.


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Looking to make a dedicated emulation system, and i realize there is the rasppi, but i want something a tad bit more powerful for emulating, DC, Ps2,GC, PSP, Wii, Saturn, n64, i'd like to be able to run them in 720p-1080p, with ramped up settings, At a mostly steady 30/60fps (whatever the game runs at), but doesn't have to be perfect, i just don't want massive dips in frames no more then 25/55, my main pc, can run all these flawless, but its not something i can really grab and go. and hook up some where else, so i am looking at a barebone mini PC, that can still fit a small form factor graphics card, but there are lots of options, ones that use ddr3 ram or ddr4 ram?, how much ram?, what graphics card? how much Vram?Gddr3? or Gddr5? which cpu? amd? intel?, obviously a quad core, or would a dual core 4 thread work?, how many ghz do i need on it?, considering this is going to be a dedicated lil machine, i don't want to spend more then i have to as this is all it will be doing, is running emulators between the 3rd and 6th (with wii) gen era of consoles and handhelds.