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Help with super smash bros melee!!!!!!

HELP can someone please let me know where i can find a super smash bros melee rom, i know someone know so can you just please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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RETARD! Obviously you have to up the FSB on your PC to match gamecubes', then you have to hook the Seriel Port to the high speed port on your GC. Use GC2PC.exe and RIP.


Shouldn't people who join this forum read that one cannot request ROMs? Don't new people know that's one of the reasons they get banned? I know I'm not gonna request ROMs here, that's for sure!


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Knuckles said:
u should first notice that:

he's already banned = he can't see the forums anymore
I already knew he was banned, but I'm pretty sure you can look at the forums without an account.

Unless he was IP banned and he has static IP.