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help me!

I don't have any clue how to rip a gamecube game to play on the Dolphin emulator! Please tell me how it's done or what programs do I have to download!


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1. Ask for ROMs, ISOs or other kind of illegal material
2. Post links that lead to ROMs, ISOs or other kind of illegal material
3. Ask how to rip ROMs or ISOs
4. Ask how to play backups on a Gamecube
5. Ask for future releases of an emulator or any progress updates
6. Ask to be a beta tester or ask for private beta builds of an emulator
7. Insult people
8. Create more than 1 thread asking the same question
9. Advertise or Spam
10. Ask how to run Gamecube disks on PC. You simply cannot do it
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Also, you're asking about Dolphin in a Dolwin forum.