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Ha nintendo's no fool


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Theres no telling how this could turn out, it very well could end up costing nintendo the market, anybody who denies that possibility is the fool.


i will agree to that Rare has made some really great games in the past.. but honestly the game that tickled me most was DKC for the SNES.. after that the rest of the games were not that special.. at least in my opinion.. very hyped up coz Rare made themselfs a big name with the help of Nintendo.. but as far as i've seen.. not in any way a company that really makes me really want to buy their games and expect grand things from them..

compare Rare to Konami and Capcom.. if anything.. Rare is good at making a well thought out game now and then.. but the only one time it was an original great new thing was back in the SNES days.. when they made a HUGE deal about how they could put prerendered images into a game.. wich in fact.. was NOT such a big as thing as they made it sound like.. the technology wasn't revolutionary or anything.. it was hype because they where "the first ones to do it".. *cough*viewpoint*cough* (among others).. KI1&2 where also games i liked alot for a while there.. but honestly.. to me Rare has -rarelly- been as great as the hype makes them out to be..

in reality i would agree that they will make alot more money for MS though.. since they are bound to release much better games then what has allready been released for xbox by other companies.. but if those games where comming out for the GC instead.. in comparison to the other games comming out for the GC.. Rare's games would'nt seem as great.. so you have to think about that too..

also.. as the link says.. it trully helpd the big N to acomodate their cash flow.. wich imo.. is what they needed in the first place anyways.. coz they aren't MS.. they don't have money comming out their yingyangs :/..

xbox on the other hand has been loosing and loosing and loosing money all along.. they even estimate that they'll lose 3 times as much next year.. seeing as the machine will be getting older also..

i believe there's very litle to save the xbox other then just maybe a few titles from rare.. and also the emulation comunity.. since it's an ideal machine to have for all your emulation needs..


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I agree with most of what your saying but as far as xbox being a good system for emulation hmmm I don’t know. I would agree but xbox is only good if you bought the system a while ago, look at all the counter measures ms is doing now against mod chips I mean ouch! Stopping people from playing online, paying extra dough to change the hardware of the xbox just to stop people from modding all together, lol ms is spending money left and right. Only thing I liked about what ms is doing now is there online stragedy, I would rather pay 50 bucks a year then 10 more or less a month.

Gcn has damn near no network strategy. If it wasn't for pso the gcn still wouldn't have allowed users to go online that and making users have to choose between using a broadband adapter and narrowband adapter isn't cool, not to mention not having a hard drive add-on planned which we all know would help extend the replay value of games extensively mainly due to the fact that we would be able to download addition content.

Though I still bought the system along with the ps2. Whom has a decent online strategy supporting both narrowband and broadband adapters is a good idea so if my cable or dsl is down for whatever reason I can use a 56k to at least download some more content or something or even play a modem to modem game (like armored core 3: Silent Line will feature).

Anyway well just have to see, since rare is a good company and they have a lot of fans WORLDwide, plus I hear they have an mmorpg in the works (they might finally make an actionmmorpg like what I had in mind) [/rantoff] lol


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actionmmorg, interesting idea, lag is going to be the enemy of that sort of game

on the X-Box, Microsoft are only using it to establish a presence for the next generation, expect the X-Box2 to appear sometime before or around the PS2, the X-Box is just about establishing a name and key franchises (Halo and whatever Rare manages to pull out),

Rare & Microsoft, I'm with Rattums on this one, the jury is still out as to how well Rare performs with Microsoft and how it affects Nintendo, the games will benefit from massive hype no matter what but whether they're any good remains to be seen (although I suspect they'll be seen just as Metroid Prime is), whether they'll deliver though is open to question

Nintendo's Network Strategy, is to wait and see if a profit can be made with network games, I think Nintendo will support the BBA but won't develop games that will suffer from lag (such as PSO)


trust me on this one.. the GBA + GC + link cable is a must for the future.. afaik.. the broadband and smallband thing is mainly due to cheapen the thing.. one that could do both would cost more.. simple as that.. also i would'nt be surprised at all if there was a bunch of these litle devices not only from nintendo comming out for the GC.. so that's nothing to worrie bout if you still want to pay extra for one that even connects to your satelite dish :p..

when it comes to Xbox making a name for them selfs..

yah i'm all for that.. it's just that it's being donne with brute force instead of with real passion.. just like anything MS.. it's no big deal though we're all getting used to MS litle funny take overs into the PC game market now.. many play MS games and love them.. it's become natural..... i remember 4-5 years ago.. when they got MechWarrior the hatred was worse then ever.. now it's all good.. but Xbox is doing it again in a way that really screws up a good idea and scene to make it a new McDonalds.. this does'nt look good in the eyes of Rare fans.. believe me most Rare fans are also very much GC fans.. and are way more pissed at this change then you think at the same time as they see why Nintendo did what they did.. everyones betting money on the 3 relativly new players in the game dev scene though.. mainly it's all hype.. but one thing is surtain.. Metroid Prime.. when you see and play that game.. you'll wet your pants :p..

it's not like i hate MS though.. i mean if it wasn't for them we would'nt be where we are today.. the only problem i have with them is they rely too much on money.. not on creativity and originality.. wich imho.. is what game development is all about..

oh.. forgot..
bout the harddrive thing.. well.. there's alot of speculation.. and rumors.. most about the harddrive idea are saying they won't have.. or that they can't have.. but i've also read in a few places that they are trying the 64DD thing again.. the problem with such a device would be that of with any extra device for the GC.. it costs a whole load of millions for the big N to ship and advert and hype them up outside of japan.. and also then not everyone who owns a GC buys them.. so they stay in japan.. and never come out.. wich is why they try to make everything as small and less costly as possible..

they are also pretty smart.. coz they can see how well it goes for the PS2 before launching their own hardware of the same time.. and know how much money to put into the campaign..

also.. keep your eyes out for the panasonic cube.. i've seen some kind of -neat- ;) hardware addons comming out by januari that you guys might like if you get one of those slic looking panasonic GC's :p..

actionmmorpg?.. sounds like D2: lod to me :p.. been playing that for bout 2 years now hehe.. your abit late :p..
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this does'nt look good in the eyes of Rare fans.. believe me most Rare fans are also very much GC fans.. and are way more pissed at this change then you think

yup and am one of them i was sooo pissed when i heard about that deal. About D2 how many players can play one 1 existing server?


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RatTrap said:
i remember 4-5 years ago.. when they got MechWarrior the hatred was worse then ever.. now it's all good.. but Xbox is doing it again in a way that really screws up a good idea and scene to make it a new McDonalds.. this does'nt look good in the eyes of Rare fans.. believe me most Rare fans are also very much GC fans.. and are way more pissed at this change then you think at the same time as they see why Nintendo did what they did..

have you noticed how boring Mechwarrior is? I personally have found all Microsoft games to be lacking something, they're too "sim like", a problem I prefer to call the "Use Every Key For Something Syndrome." or UEKFSS for short

maybe it's because I no longer have the time to invest in such games, but I want a games I can pick up and play for a bit, save and come back to easily


MW didn't used to be boring.. that's the main thing.. it was THE giant robot battle simulation of all times.. it gathered a huge comunity once it went online.. i was there and i remember.. i've never been much for simulators of any kind.. but this game was revolutionary at it's time.. and then later on when MS bought it and changed it abit more then they should have.. all these ppl that loved this game got stuck in a hole.. since the few new versions of the game where worse then the first MW game.. wich is why most MW gamers even today hate MS..

you could say that scene dramatically changed once MS took over..

bout D2.. well.. D2 is more of a trading & item finding game more then anything.. since you can only lvl up to 99.. and there's like 1 good place where everyone goes to level up..

also yeah.. you can be over 100000 ppl in one server.. but only 8 ppl in a game.. this is good though.. coz if you had more ppl in one game you would lag way to much.. it allready happends when you have 2 sorceress's teleporting around throwing meteors and ice orbs and lightning novas and what not.. while you find some evil necro running around with his own army of 30 skelletons.. 30 skelleton mages.. and 30 revived monsters.. not to say anything about hirelings and golems and what not..

honestly.. if you had more then 8 ppl in one game.. the game would break.. especially if you had 3-4 necros in one game.. imagine 3 "good" necros running around with about each an army of 100 monsters/skelletons and others eh.. things..

kind of messy don't you think? :p.. imagine if you had 50 ppl.. in one game.. that would never work.. the lands would have to be SO huge.. it would take hours to load.. and even then probably you would need some "deep blue"-type machine to run the game on :p..

pffft.. imagine 50 necros in one game.. lol.. 50 000 skelletons/revives and golems and hirelings.. haha.. that would be a sight :p..