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Goldeneye - Perfect Dark Dual Analog


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I'm sorry if this has already mentioned, but anyway... i found a way to play these games with dual analog using a controller that has 2 analog sticks (i use a 360 controller). Both games support dual analog but, normally, only if you have 2 N64 controllers, one on each hand.

So, in N-Rage options enable a 2nd controller. On its "device" pad, choose the same device as the main controller and bind its analog stick controls to the second analog stick of your controller. Also bind it's Z-button for shooting or targeting. Then go to Goldeneye's pause screen (or Perfect Dark), control options and choose a control method that shows 2 N64 controllers (i use 2.2 galore).

Now you should be able to play these games with dual analog, both for movement and looking around, just like in modern console games :)

Shows how ahead of its time Goldeneye was...
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