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I've got the NTSC-U version of Ghost in the Shell *snip* (removed by MasterPhW, we don't care, where you got your pirated stuff from!) but when I run it the graphics are glitchy everywhere to the point where I went into a section where Nightvision activated in the game and half of the screen was blurred out by snow like an old TV.

I've tried using Pete's D3D video driver, the DX6 D3D and even the OpenGL2. The OpenGL2 won't even run with any of the games I have.

Can someone help me with this?

Edit: I downloaded the E version of the game and it's a bit better, but it's still ten tons of glitchy in video and audio.
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That integrated Intel graphics chip is most likely the problem, and also the reason why Pete's OpenGL2 plugin refuses to work properly. Updating the Intel graphics driver might help, but I'm somewhat skeptical of its usefulness.

As a rule of thumb, never try to emulate consoles that push complex 3D graphics with an integrated Intel chip, no matter how cutting edge said chip is supposed to be. The fact that you get so much graphical glitches speaks volumes.

The best graphics plugin for any PSX game is Pete's OpenGL2 plugin, and even the plugin needs most of it's options cranked up to 11 for most games to be emulated at least near perfectly. I haven't played GiTS in a while, but I don't remember having any problems with it.
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