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GC-Tools Error


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Error: Could not open file C:\Documents and Settings\Tae\My Documents\TOA\Tales.Of.Symphonia.USA.NGC-RARE\CD1\rare-sos\rare-sos.gcm.

I keep getting this when I try to load my TOS game. (Yes, I have the original copy). See, what I'm trying to do is extract the sounds files from it.
It tried to us that fix thing, but it didn't go. It runs fine in Dolphin.

Mouser X

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I've downloaded the first disc to ToS (for GC). I didn't download the 2nd disc, because of space problems, time limitations, and the fact that the first disc proved so useless. I downloaded the first disc for the same reason as you. There are no useable audio files in ToS. At least, none that I'm aware of. The game uses sequenced music (similar to MIDIs), and I don't know of any programs, or software that can play them, or convert them to a playable form.

There is actually ONE and only 1 ADX file on the ToS disc. It might be an end credits theme, or something, but it's not really worth the effort to download the game, and extract it from the image (unless you're like me, and you download random GC images in the minute hope that they contain streamed music. I did this for Robotech, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, and Baten Kaitos. All of them have streamed music (at least, they look like they do), but only Robotech was decipherable. The rest are too foreign for HCS to decipher for use in in_cube (found at http://www.hcs64.com/in_cube.html )). That's my 2 cents worth. Sorry I didn't get back to you any sooner. Mouser X over and out.


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I think TOS uses tracked/sequenced music, in which case you're best off recording the music from the game the old-fashioned way.