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This is the best emulator I have tried for NES so far! But it lacks two features I realy want.

1. Strech image in windowed mode.

2. Double click with mouse to change between windowed and fullscreen

This is beacuse I use it in my carputer(PC as multimeda device in car) and the only thing I got to controll the pc is my controller and the touch screen. And without streaching the image in windowed mode I get lot of black space on one of the sides. I know the aspect ratio would be wrong but I don't care hehe

Is there any possibility to make does features in the near future? :)

BTW: I REALLY like that it shows the filebrowser at startup, it really makes things easier in the car. hmm, maybe one more request :) Make an option for the size of the text in this filebrowser? that would make it alot easier to hit the right game on a 7" screen hehe


Emulator Developer
There are some planned enhancements to the file browser, but they are very far off, Project64 keeps me very busy these days.