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error on dreamemu...


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what a bummer, i just got a burned copy of street fighter 3: 3rd strike, and i can't play it using dream emu or nightmare, but everyone else says it's the coolest emuators around (for DC)
how do you get it to work? i tried what it said in the readme but it said

"CPU (SH-4) ERROR: unhandled instruction H'8CB2 at H'AC010002"

what??!?!?! what's that mean?


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No DC Emulator can play commercial games at the moment with any degree of success. Though great strides are being made.

If you really want to play that game, just get yourself a cheap 2nd hand DC, about £29 if that.

Oh and btw Nightmare is a well known fake - and in most cases Trojan virus, so I'd scan your system if I were you.