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Dreamcast CHD to GDI


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Okay I created a tool that works with CHDMan to convert a Mame CHD back into a NullDC GDI file. This works with Dreamcast games but should also work with Naomi 1/2 GD-rom games as well.

Keep in mind that Demul works fine with CHD files so there is no reason to convert a game back to GDI...unless you wish to use one of the other emulators out there (NullDC, Makaron) which don't currently support CHD files, OR you are looking to keep you DC dumps insync with Redump\Tosec dumps.

Now there are some special steps required for this to work.
1. You must have a ClrMamePro DAT file of the original GDI images with CRC-32, MD5 and SHA-1 hash values.
2. The name of the CHD files must match whats in the DAT file.

If you can match the above criteria then you can successfully revert a CHD to a GDI.

To convert back to CHD at a later date see this thread: [Linky]

Special thanks to R. Belmont for taking the time in setting me straight with CHDman.
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