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Dragon Ball Z games


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Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury is a pretty good game. I have it, I played about halfway through, and bam, my GBA SP breaks. Damn dog knocks it out of my hands and it breaks in half on the hardwood floors.

Anyway, I can't get past the very beginning of this game on VBAlink 1.80, because it gives me guff about playing it on official software. For some reason, it gives me the same guff about doing so when I use my GBA player for my gamecube. So pretty much my only option here is emulation, and I'd like to continue the game. Any help is appreciated.


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Why are you using VBALink? It's abandoned for a long time already and so it wasn't updated for the same time. You should probably try to use VBA-M instead.


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That makes sense. I was using VBAlink to trade pokemon between Silver and Crystal, though, at the time. I just don't seem to update my emulators very often....