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Custom HTPC or Intel Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK


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Hello Folks
Hope this is the right place to post.

Could you please help me regarding a decision whether I should pick a custom HTPC, that I could buy from a friend or should purchase an Intel Skull Canynon NUC6i7KYK. I'll list both specifications and I will also list, what exactly I'll be emulating on the computer. Price Tag is on both of them roughly the same, NUC is a tiny bit more expensive, but currently on a sale - after that sale it'd be quite a bit more. (Since you need to add various parts additionaly...)

Custom HTPC: (It has been used for approx. 3 - 4 Years.)
* i7 3770, 4C, up to 3.9 GHz
* 256GB SSD
* Gainward GeForce® GTX 770 Phantom
* DVD Drive
* USB 3
* Ethernet

Intel Skull Canyon NUC: (Brand-New)
* i7-6770HQ, 4C, up to 3.50 GHz
* 256GB SSD (M.2)
* Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580
* USB 3
* Ethernet

Must be able to emulate:
- N64

Happy if able to emulate:
- Gamecube
- PS1

I'll probably install lakka on the system and it will be mainly used as emulation station & media pc.
If I need to add any further information, please tell me.

4cki :D