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I use jNES and/or FCE Ultra, and neither they (the best NES emulators around) nor any other NES emulator I've used has been able to emulate the game "Crystalis" correctly. They all have weird scrolling issues with the game, and add lines to the left and bottom that aren't supposed to be there. Is there anything I can do about this?


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You can fix the header manually with VirtuaNES. Launch the Launcher (Ctrl+L), select Crystalis and choose Edit > NES header Edit.

The correct header info for Crystalis is as follows:


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Aparently the header is fine (I did what you said and it was already setup that way). But I'm still getting these lines, I'll show you...


You can see the extra lines on the left and bottom of the screen. And when the game scrolls (from moving) it puts in some weird graphical errors on the side. The game is playable, but I was curious if anyone knew how to fix it.


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That's probably how it's supposed to look; maybe TVs cut that off.

Some emulators (or Nestopia, at least) have options that allow you to change what scanlines display. That can fix the problem.


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Yeah a lot of games are actually supposed to have that, the most prominent example is Super mario Bros 3. Cut off on the left hand side in all emulators unless they offer a fix, but play the game on an actual NES at its native resolution and the TV cuts off the line.


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There's an option in Jnes, something about 8-pixel clipping I think (kind of descriptive?)

If you turn it OFF at least one of those should disappear -- but it's probably the way its suppose to look as everyone else is saying