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Chanka Compatibility list 0.25


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posty_2k3 said:
heh, nice. So we can finally swap CDs. I just tried the CDX with Code Veronica, I had like, infinite everything :p

You cheater just kidding :p
Re- Cv Still missing sounds


T3h pwn3r3r
Doesnt work
Virtua Cop 2

And Silent Scope still has the same problem as it did in older versions :(
/me wants to play it too :(
Lol, the only thing wrong with it is the scope, otherwise its perfect. Too bad the scope is the main part of the game...


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Gauntlet Legends tries to load but goes to bios ( it just plain crashed in 2a ) ... i'm fairly certin i patched it to be bootable properly , but could someone else varify that it doesnt work so i know it's not my image?