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Can someone give me some advice?


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I have a game I so dearly want to play called Nobuaga's ambition for the NES. I know that this is a good copy as I have played it back on my windows 95 box and it worked fine. I have tried this on my xp box and its as if the video on this 1 game will not work. I get a message on JNES saying that the game is loaded but I never get video. I tried this game with nestical and nestical95 and same results. I have tried to play this game under the win95 compat settings as well as the 98 and ME. Can anyone tell me how to fix this so I can get the game to work? shoot me an email [email protected]

Thanks a ton!


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The game appears to not run in JNes or Nestopia. I'm using a GoodNES verified rom with the correct header for the game.

It DOES however work in the following emulators:

VirtuaNES 0.92
FakeNES 11.01
FCE Ultra 0.98.13-pre


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It works in Nestopia if you have converted the ROM to UNIF format:

EDIT: Well, sometimes. ;) It seems that sometimes Nestopia runs it and sometimes it doesn't. :huh:
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