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Bio hazard (resident evil on nesterdc)



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They did a good job at the menu, but off coursse the graphics are flat and not as detailed.
But becausse they stayed in their games to the same old menu, it's instantly recognisable.


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RCduck7 said:
I have won on Ebay resident evil gaiden for the gbc, a Tiger handheld and 6 times resident evil 2 for it. ;)
I will sell the other remaining resident evil 2's on Ebay gradually.
I will let you know my experience on them once they arrived and get around playing them.

That resident evil 3D they were working on for the gbc looked intresting.
A bit ropey graphics to be on a gbc but judging from the screenshots it looked certainly like resident evil.


Oh nooooo!! I just received the package from "videogameswholesale" on Ebay and he sent the wrong games!! :yucky:
Know i got 6 times "Williams Arcade Classics"


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Resident Evil NES ROM

This RE NES ROM is actually Chinese, not Japanese. Capcom had nothing to do with it either, it came out in like 1998-2000 and was made by a Chinese pirate company. It was never official.

Here's a link to a site that has info on it:


Its in Russian though... so here's a quick translation without the pics(if you wanna check out all the pics that are suppose to be in between some of the writing, go to the actual site):

The 'Resident Evil' series is amazingly popular worldwide and exists on numerous systems, from mobile phones to 'Nintendo GameCube'. Now, our little chinese brothers decided to port the first 'Resident' to ... 'Dendy' (the russian analogue of NES -trans.)! Yes, you heard me right, NES. Let's have a look at what they came up with.

The first thing that surprised me after loading it was the fact that it was dated 2003, heh, there are still games being developed for 'Dendy', I guess we've buried it too early ;). The starting sequence consists of a ton of pictures and Chinese hieroglyphs. Yes, sad as it is, all game's text and dialogues are in Chinese.

After the starting sequence we're offered to start the game! But the choice of actions here is small: new game, load game, easy or hard; no options, no character selection, we'll have to play as Jill.

The protagonists enter the mansion, here are Barry and Jill going into the dining-hall, heh, the graphics look horrible even for 'NES', but, at least, the characters are somehow cognate. But this beeping which is called 'sound' on NES is ripping your ears, but, I think, it's not necessary to listen to it at all = )

The mansion looks somewhat familiar, most of the quests haven't been touched, although they look a bit funny in the 8-bit format. And we haven't been left without some new stuff! Remember that security lock on the 2-nd floor which could be opened by reading a note from Barry? So, this lock is portrayed as a terminal now, so the code needs to be entered manually. There's probably something else, but I haven't continued playing.

About the gameplay, well, it looks exactly as 'Gaiden's' ('RE' for 'GameBoy Color'), as well as the battle system (strangely, it haven't amused me). But, unlike 'Gaiden', which contained only zombies and that annoying boss, 'RE1' for 'Dendy' has all the enemies from the original 'PlayStation' version!

Of course, an average gamer won't find anything interesting in this game, but it's a must-have for a true fan.

Well i hope that helps out all of you who are interested!!


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Thanks for the great info cruedude.
I wonder why the russians have such a good and devoted site.

PS: I finaly have my resi 2 for the tiger game.com handheld but i still don't have my handheld i bought on Ebay over a month ago. :yucky:
Had to take it to paypal to sort things out and i'm still waiting what comes out of it.


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what is nesterdc an emulator or what?
i have the dc game Gauntlet Legends how do i play it with this emulator?