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Audio Error in Project 64 1.6


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I was playing a ROM, when suddenly, the sound cut out. I made sure it wasn't the entire system sound, just Project 64 sound. I am using Jabo's DirectSound 1.6. I have always used this, and have never had any problems before. I don't want to use the other sound setting, because it is choppy and delayed. I made sure that the Project 64 audio was up in the volume mixer. I tried restarting my computer. I tried loading other ROMs. I even tried audio logging, but that was working just fine. I'm not sure why the Project 64 audio cut out.

EDIT: I also have Project 64 2.1, and therefore 2 .dll files of the Jabo's Directsound 1.6 Plugin. Neither work on either emulator.

EDIT: Nevermind, it fixed itself.
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