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just found it amusing...*drags Martin in* umm he told me to do it *runs away* :)


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Heh, yeah. It is funny. /me adds 404 pages like that to the Emu64 server. :p


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oh, thank god, i thought it will never finish talking....
too long for my taste but the idea is quite hilarious.


reminds me of a sertain robot.. from a sertain book :).. i think at least some of you should know who i mean..


since when was r2 ever depressed?.. not even c3po was.. he was just a blabbermouth.. no.. the robots name.. is marvin.. i wonder how many have read that book..


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Sounds familiar... It`s not an Asimov book, right? I don`t remember any depressed robots there...


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"Hitch hikers guide to galaxy". I knew that it was a Douglas Adams book, I just thought that it was "Starship Titanick"... Had to google seacrh to be sure...


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"Look Zaphod," she said, patting his arm, "don't worry about the
aliens. They're just a couple of guys I expect. I'll send the
robot down to get them and bring them up here. Hey Marvin!"

In the corner, the robot's head swung up sharply, but then
wobbled about imperceptibly. It pulled itself up to its feet as
if it was about five pounds heavier that it actually was, and
made what an outside observer would have thought was a heroic
effort to cross the room. It stopped in front of Trillian and
seemed to stare through her left shoulder.

"I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed," it said.
Its voice was low and hopeless.

"Oh God," muttered Zaphod and slumped into a seat.

"Well," said Trillian in a bright compassionate tone, "here's
something to occupy you and keep your mind off things."

"It won't work," droned Marvin, "I have an exceptionally large

"Marvin!" warned Trillian.

"Alright," said Marvin, "what do you want me to do?"

"Go down to number two entry bay and bring the two aliens up here
under surveillance."

With a microsecond pause, and a finely calculated micromodulation
of pitch and timbre - nothing you could actually take offence at
- Marvin managed to convey his utter contempt and horror of all
things human.

"Just that?" he said.

"Yes," said Trillian firmly.

"I won't enjoy it," said Marvin.

Zaphod leaped out of his seat.

"She's not asking you to enjoy it," he shouted, "just do it will

"Alright," said Marvin like the tolling of a great cracked bell,
"I'll do it."

"Good ..." snapped Zaphod, "great ... thank you ..."

Marvin turned and lifted his flat-topped triangular red eyes up
towards him.

"I'm not getting you down at all am I?" he said pathetically.

"No no Marvin," lilted Trillian, "that's just fine, really ..."

"I wouldn't like to think that I was getting you down."

"No, don't worry about that," the lilt continued, "you just act
as comes naturally and everything will be just fine."

"You're sure you don't mind?" probed Marvin.

"No no Marvin," lilted Trillian, "that's just fine, really ...
just part of life."

"Marvin flashed him an electronic look.

"Life," said Marvin, "don't talk to me about life."

He turned hopelessly on his heel and lugged himself out of the
cabin. With a satisfied hum and a click the door closed behind

"I don't think I can stand that robot much longer Zaphod,"
growled Trillian.


my guess is they where thinking of Marvin when they wrote that script for the 404.. all i could think of while looking at the 404 page was.. man.. they are making copies of Marvin.. how could they.. that's just depresseing..

funny thing with that robot.. is that while you where reading the books.. you where hoping him to show up or do something all the time.. least i was.. lol.. he was to me the funniest character in those books..