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0.6 Released



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Yea that's one of the good things about having multiple emulators, they both benefit back and forth in user elements


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excellent release :)

no problem/bugs at all (at the moment) ;)

Jnes rocks, for sure! Thanks a lot Jabo!


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Oooohhh yes :)

Compaq Presario XP Home AMD K? I think :)

Thanks . This is soooo much better than any other emu. Far fewer gliches. Ain't realy found any so far. Realy nice.



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Wow, it turned out very nice ;) (what more can you expect from a Jabo release)

Sorry I wasn't around for the later stages of the testing, as usual real life caught up again. But luckily now I have some free time for a few hrs of classic NES gaming :)


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I'll have to check it out more when I get back from Comic-Con, but, in the meantime, I just want you to know Jabo that we love you man. :)


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Great work Jabo!

I had newcomer in family, so I'm a bit late with emu-related stuff.

I am still wondering if you are considering adding 7-zip support. One of other emulators that has 7-zip support (as plug in) is WinUAE.

Anyway, great emu!!!:party:


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It's great to see another release of this great emulator. I'm looking foward to testing it out when I get the chance.