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    Martin is my love child

    Where is the swedish founder of #bearcave hiding himself these days?:D
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    NO NEED FOR HATTERS HATTERS ARE WHAT GETS EMULATIORS SHUTDOWN PERMITYLY LIKE FOREVER Why are you hatting :( On another note I just checked my pms. Damnit Martin, I knew you struggled with bit's of English like tongsils, which you referred to as throat nuts, but this is a whole new level. \:D/
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    Hatters! The lot of you!
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    Another shithead bites the dust Don't we just love users like this retard? [email protected] *whistles* :P
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    <Gorxon> gah...what a tight bastard * Conj|JEW has joined #emulation64 :D
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    GI Joe held hostage in Iraq Those bastards! We need Team America on the case. :happy:
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    Polo: small but tough :D
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    Allah u'akhbar!

    Ooopsie! Nothing funnier than terrorists blowing theirselves up :D
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    Best thread. EVER :happy:
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    * snikkel has joined #Emulation64 <snikkel> !list * vampireuk slaps snikkel around a bit with a large trout * Dreamemu sets mode: +o vampireuk * snikkel was kicked by vampireuk (!kick) * snikkel has joined #Emulation64 <vampireuk> omg !list !list!!!!! <lrdcheese> hehe <lrdcheese> snikkel: you...
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    Martin's customer service

    < Martin64 > omfg i accidently sent this as a reply to a customer : "plz help i ned a iso 4 phtoshop cs. i rely ned it it was ther nd now it not now plz plz plz plzz" < Martin64 > my new cut and paste from another mail didn't work
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    The 12 STIs of christmas :happy:
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    Gym advertisement

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    Who would win in a sword fight...

    Puss in boots or Jesus in his second coming :D
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    Arafat dying? Oh please let it be :D :happy: