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    Price Slash

    PS2 down to 179.99 for limited time then the price goes back up to 199.99 BUT that will be a bundle that comes with a Network Adaptor
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    LETS GO KINGS!!! (part two)

    All right. once again it's time for us to pull out our Kings logos and pull for our team. Last year we didn't win (but we were cheated) this year it's our year. lets go and DO THIS BABY.
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    Metroid Prime Help Needed

    ok so i'm playing the game and i think i made a HUGE mistake. right after i beat the dude with the mirrors i went back to the main plaza through the door that's high high up and you cant get back too and wont even open once you go through it. so i tried to go back around to get to where i was...
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    Action Replay- stupid thing

    stupid Frickin Frickin Frickin Action Replay!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID FRICKIN FRICKIN FRICKIN ACTION REPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant get this stupid thing to work right. every time i try to enter a code the MOST ANNOYING SOUND IN THE WORD plays and it says that the code is invalad. WHO HAS THIS STUPID...
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    Stupid Stupid Scarecrow Song!!!!

    i can NEVER get this song to work. for some reason it always doesn't work. it NEVER NEVER NEVER WORKS. i play it right. it says , You've played the Scarecrow song. but NOT CRAP EVER HAPPENS. and i KNOW that i am playing it in the right spot because i play it where the stupid walkthough (all of...
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    Awards Totals

    Norah . . . . FIVE!!!!! (that's ALL five):w00t: Michelle . . .ONE! :D Avril. . . . . . Zero:cry:
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    Master Quest GREATNESS!!!!

    I GOT ZELDA!!!!! well, not the wind waker yet, but i got the master quest and oot. it feels good to finally play this game LEGALLY. and soon i'll be done and ready for the master quest. has anyone played it yet? about how many differences in dungeon layout are there?
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    the big N loses Loads of cash over seas

    this was posted on IGN . the link is right below it. Nintendo Raids China Game Boy pirates busted as Nintendo keeps its anti-piracy streak alive. February 11, 2003 - Today, Nintendo released news of its three new raids on software pirates in China during the month of January. Guangdong Bu...
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    Friggin Display wont stay CENTERED

    I'm (trying) to run win xp at 800x600 on my old old old old old CTX cms-1461 monitor (mulitscan if that info helps) but i have quite a few problems. 1, when running at 1024x768 i can fill out the whole screen with no problem but at 800x600 it wont. and then when i re center the monitor after...
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    is it possiable

    is it possiable to partitoin your HD to have Windows on one half and Mac on the other half. i know you can convert an I-pod to work as either a mac tool or a windows tool but will this work without converting the whole drive from FAT
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    Game Cube Adaptiod question

    i want to get teh adaptiod but i have a few questions first. A.) will it work with my wave bird and 2.) can it be set to opperate as certain key board keys. what i want to do is use my wave bird as a remote control for my ATI TV wonder card.
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    old but un addressed issues

    well there are a few issues with ultraHLE in general that ahve been there since the start that were never fixed and never mentioned. i say a few but right now i can only think of one the screen with ultra is always way too dark. with every other emu i get full brightness and when i do the test...
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    Evolution Worlds

    I Needed an RPG for game cube BADLY!!!! so i boughgt it. . . THEN i read the reviews and looked at some of the movies and crap like that. did i make a mistake. i mean i CAN return it even though it's opened (inside advantage) but has anyone played it and is it REALLY that annoying in the...
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    2 discs??? (zelda)

    another zelda related thread. I noticed the other day that the Resident Evil games fore the GC are all 2 discs. could this have something to do with why the graphically enhanced Zelda game was poulled and repleced with the cartoonish look? think about it though. would Zelda be Zelda if it was...
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    How many Zeldas?

    well we have all heard that the GC will be around till at LEAST 2010 so poeople saying that there isn't going to be another Zelda for it just SCARE me. If Nintendo only made one new zelda game for a system again that would suck really hard. NES saw 2, SNES saw one :cry: N64 saw 2 , game boy...