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    Save Submissions

    Rename it to what?
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    How do I get saves from gamefaqs to show up?

    Why or what would they have to gain by showing broken saves? Anybody know where to get a working file and if so how do I apply it? There are literally no tutorials and I did a hard search so this is my last resort and it appears this...
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    How to use .N64 "game save files" in PJ64?

    And nobody even answered the poor guy's question. I wonder too. Why would Gamefaqs have save files that don't work?
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    1964 emulator homepage does not work.

    I tried to email a message and a link to the page but the contact form for this site rejects anything I say so maybe the forums will be better. This is the only place I can think of left to post it as I'm splitting hairs here being ran thru the maze...
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    Please allow contact forms to work again!

    No matter what you send it says it cannot complete the transaction because it detects spam even though it's not. Again it doesn't matter what you type or how you type it. I was going to report a broken link to an emulator page and it just wouldn't send.