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    PSP Emulation Commercial/Homebrew

    As everyone knows in the homebrew scene,there was a homebrew emulator called PSPe.Worked for most low level stuff,but newer programs never worked.But the author of that emulator seems to have gone off somewhere and never came back. Would be neat for someone to make another one (homebrew or...
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    Got my good computer running so here is afew screenshots :)
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    Bug report

    Not sure if this is the right place for the bug in Dolphin I found. If you have your screen rotated then it will cut halv the dolphins screen in the attached image.
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    I suggest that when the Dolphin™ is minimized, that it doesn't try drawing anything to the screen, but it still keeps going.So you would get a faster FPS prolly. If this has already been suggested then I'm stupid like always.